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2016 China Narcotics Control Forum Inaugurated in Beijing

"2016 China Narcotics Control Forum - Detoxification Treatment and Rehabilitation" was inaugurated in Beijing on June 16, which was sponsored by the National Narcotics Control Commission and jointly undertaken by the National Narcotics Control Commission Office, China Narcotics Control Foundation, China Drug Abuse Prevention Expert Committee and China Drug Dependence Institute of Peking University. Liu Yuejin (deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission, member of the Party committee under the Ministry of Public Security and anti-terrorism commissioner) was present and gave an address at the opening ceremony.
Liu Yuejin pointed out that narcotics control in China has achieved great progress over the past years. In June 2015, Xi Jinping (CPC Secretary General), Li Keqiang (Prime Minister) and other central leaders cordially met representatives of excellent collectives and individuals in narcotics control. Xi Jinping (CPC Secretary General) delivered an important speech, putting forward clear requirements for further strengthening narcotics control. Competent departments at various levels have fully implemented a series of decisions made by the central level and mobilized all social forces to enhance narcotics control, make achievements in narcotics control and boost the sustainable development of narcotics control. Particularly, narcotics control departments in China have made great efforts in detoxification treatment and rehabilitation, including gradual improvement of narcotics control systems, active innovation of management mechanisms for drug users, exploration into scientifically sound and effective detoxification rehabilitation models, development of employment support and relief policies, careful implementation of "8.31" community-based detoxification and rehabilitation project in close integration with social management innovation, improvement of delivery and management capacity in detoxification and rehabilitation services, and maximal reduction of harm to the society.
Liu Yuejin emphasized that further efforts should be made to promote innovations in narcotics control. By the end of 2015, there were 2,345,000 drug users in China, of which 980,000 abused heroin and other opioid drugs and 1,340,000 abused synthetic drugs. Among newly detected drug users in 2015, 80% abused synthetic drugs. In response to different illegal drugs and different degrees of addiction, specific treatment and intervention specifications should be formulated, and uniform and standard methods and procedures should be developed for detoxification treatment and psychological rehabilitation. The National Narcotics Control Commission will continue creating communication and cooperation platforms to boost narcotics control at all levels and achieve a win-win effect.
Liu Yuejin required that narcotics control should further promote shareable development. In the long-term practice of response to drug abuse problem, locally appropriate models and methods have been explored and developed in different countries and regions, and many successful experiences have been accumulated, providing good evidence for China to strengthen narcotics control. China is making persistent efforts in enhancing narcotics control, maintaining the authoritativeness, stability and inclusion of narcotics control policies, implemented comprehensive, balanceable and scientifically empirical narcotics control strategies, and mobilize all social sectors to participate in narcotics control. The National Narcotics Control Commission hopes to receive support from experts and scholars, so as to promote communication and cooperation in narcotics control, boost synergy and sharing and achieve win-win in narcotics control.
Hu Minglang (standing deputy director of the National Narcotics Control Commission Office and director of the Narcotics Control Bureau under the Ministry of Public Security) presided over the opening ceremony. Participants include officials from the National Health and Family Planning Commission, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Civil Affairs, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, All China Federation of Trade Union, Central Committee of the Communist Young League and All China Women's Federation, directors of relevant bureaus under the Ministry of Public Security, members of China Drug Abuse Prevention Expert Committee, national and international experts and scholars in detoxification treatment and rehabilitation fields, authors of papers, and representatives of the National Narcotics Control Commission Office, local narcotics control commission offices and the event organizers. (Source: Luv Ailing and Gong Biying,, July 18, 2016)