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HIV/AIDS No Longer Classified as Epidemic in Australia

As reported by the Sydney Morning Herald on July 11, the number of confirmed AIDS patients annually has dropped significantly in Australia. Doctors and scientists announced that AIDS is not a public health threat in the country any more.
Professor Andrew Grulich, head of the HIV Epidemiology and Prevention Program, told media on July 10 that the "HIV/AIDS epidemic" has ended in Australia and the number of annual HIV infections is too small to be recorded on a regular basis.
The newspaper said that in the 1990s, about 1,000 Australians died annually from AIDS-related complications. But the improvement in treatments over the past two decades has seen the death toll drop sharply. Now, HIV-infected persons can live a longer and healthier life. In Australia, AIDS has changed from fatal disease to chronic disease.
But Grulich warned that Australia is still facing a big challenge in containing the spread of HIV. It is very important to promote early detection, timely treatment and effective prevention of further spread. (Source: Li Feng, - People's Daily, July 15, 2016)