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3,333 HIV/AIDS Cases Reported Last Year in Beijing, with Over 80% Infected via Male Same-Sex Sexual Transmission

On June 29, the 2015 Health and Population Health Report in Beijing was published. In 2015, 3,333 HIV/AIDS cases were reported in Beijing, of which there were 3,113 new cases, increasing by 257 cases than 2014. 82.32% of new cases were infected via male same-sex sexual transmission. An official of Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission said that interventions would be strengthened for same-sex sexual behaviors among men.
Among the new HIV/AIDS cases in 2015, 3,062 cases were infected via sexual transmission, including 2,476 cases via male same-sex sexual transmission and 586 cases via heterosexual transmission, and 47 cases were infected via injecting drug use.
As for age structure, 47.81% of new cases in 2015 were aged 25-34 years and 21.2% were aged 15-24 years. By the end of 2015, there were 13,299 PLWHA in Beijing.
An official of Beijing Health and Family Planning Commission pointed out that the composition and transmission structure of HIV/AIDS cases in Beijing were different from those in other parts of China. "There may be cases transmitted via drug use and blood donation across the country, but the proportion of cases via drug use and blood donation has been effectively controlled in Beijing, where sexual transmission is the leading route of HIV transmission, particularly male same-sex sexual transmission," said the official. In response to this transmission route, relevant departments will strengthen interventions with MSM and boost IEC on safer sex among them. (Source: Wu Wei, News, July 5, 2016)