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Globally 1.6 Million IDUs Infected with HIV

According to the annual World Drug Report of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in Vienna, over 29 million people have drug addiction across the world, of which 1.6 million IDUs get infected with HIV.
The report indicated that there is still serious drug abuse globally. It is estimated that 1 in 20 adults, or a quarter of a billion people between the ages of 15 and 64 years, used at least one drug in 2014. Roughly the equivalent of the combined populations of France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.
Nevertheless, as over 29 million people who use drugs are estimated to suffer from drug use disorders, increasing by 2 million than the previous statistic for the first time in six years, and of those, 12 million are people who inject drugs (PWID), of whom 14.0 per cent are living with HIV. Only about one-sixth of drug addicts are receiving treatment.
The impact of drug use in terms of its consequences on health continues to be devastating. With an estimated 207,400 drug-related deaths in 2014, Overdose deaths contribute to over a third of all these deaths.
The report also emphasized drug control and sustainable development. It indicates the close association between drug use and socio-economic factors. For example, groups with high unemployment rate, low education level and relative isolation in social life are more susceptible to negative impact of drug use.
Prior to the release of the report, Yury Fedotov, Executive Director of UNODC, told journalists of Xinhua News Agency that global policy against drug abuse should put the protection of people at first and recognize the significance of sustainable development on drug control. He pointed out, for example, some poor remote areas where opium is planted for economic interests should be supported to seek other crops as sustainable economic sources. (Source: Wang Tengfei, Xinhuanet, June 30, 2016)