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Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission: Currently There is Still a Low HIV Prevalence in Guangdong Province

Recently, a meeting for HIV/AIDS response in Guangdong Province was held in Guangzhou City. The meeting summarized and analyzed the efforts made by Guangdong Province in controlling and preventing HIV/AIDS during the "National 12th Five-Year Plan" period, and identified priorities in next steps.
Deputy Director Chen Zhusheng of Guangdong Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission attended the meeting and gave a speech. He pointed out that such service networks as HIV testing and surveillance, medical care and drug maintenance therapy were improved obviously with joint efforts, the coverage of HIV/AIDS response was expanded significantly, the quality of HIV/AIDS services was improved greatly and innovative models for HIV/AIDS response were developed. Currently, there is still a low HIV prevalence in Guangdong Province.
Chen Zhusheng emphasized that the current HIV/AIDS epidemic was still serious in Guangdong Province, presenting "steady yet changing" dynamics, and there were still many weaknesses in response to HIV/AIDS. He called for active reform and innovation around the "Healthy China" and "Province with Robust Health Care" goals to boost further implementation of HIV/AIDS activities. Clear division of responsibilities, update of management models and optimization of strategies should be enhanced to detect and treat HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients and standardize their management to a maximal extent. Further efforts should be made to strengthen exploration into innovations, elimination of sexual transmission routes and tailor IEC activities. Classified guidance should be intensified, with focus on key populations and demonstration sites. (Source: Lin Longyong and Yue Weixin, People's Daily Online, June 13, 2016)