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Global Fund to Support HIV Campaign in Afghanistan

According to Daily Outlook Afghanistan, the Global Fund pledged 8.6 million USD for fight against HIV to Afghanistan, a statement from Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health said on June 14, adding that the cooperation MoU was signed between the Ministry of Public Health, the Global Fund and the UNDP, through which the amount would be spent through United Nation’s Development Program – UNDP in Afghanistan.
Official at Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health claimed that Afghanistan remains among the lowest level of HIV threats in Central and South Asia. There have been 2086 cases registered in 2015, where 133 affected people have been died.
For implementing of the HIV strategy (2015 – 2020), approximately 53 million USD has been predicated, that for the period of July 2016 to December 2017, amount of 15.86 million USD, where 57 percent of which would be paid by Global Fund, 25 percent by World Bank and 4 percent by the Afghan government,” official at UNDP in Afghanistan said. (Source: Website of Chinese Ministry of Commerce, June 24, 2016)