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Blood Safety

Source: CHAIN

Unsafe blood collection is the cause for many of the AIDS cases in China. The Chinese government has cracked down on blood collection centers in an attempt to completely eradicate HIV infections due to unsafe blood collection. In 2002, the Chinese government updated its Action Plan to keep all HIV infections under 1.5 million by 2010. This new version included measures for all blood used for clinical purposes to be run though an HIV screening, as well as demanding that 85% of blood be donated by non-profit blood centers, with the rest coming from authorized hospitals for their own use only.

Starting in May 2004, the government sponsored a major nationwide campaign against unsafe blood collection, in an attempt to shut down all illegal blood collection stations. In May alone two stations were shut down, demonstrating the need for this kind of all out campaign. The government has also passed laws to ensure that blood is donated, not sold, and 26 provinces, municipalities and regions have passed local regulations in accordance with the laws.

Funding for blood safety has increased greatly in the past five years. In response to the high number HIV infections through contaminated blood supplies and illegal blood donation, billions of Yuan have been dedicated to improving blood centers nationwide. Blood center workers are also receiving more advanced training. In 2004 the Shanghai Blood Administration Office implemented an identity card checking system to increase the safety of the blood supply. This crackdown, along with many others nationwide, demonstrate the commitment of the Chinese government to stopping the spread of HIV.