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China-Australia HIV/AIDS Partnership

China-Australia HIV/AIDS Partnership consists of all projects funded by Australia in China, including:
Xinjiang HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care Project, AUD 20 million, 2002-2009;
Tibet Health Sector Support Project, (AUD 6 million for the HIV/AIDS component), 2004-2009;
Clinton Foundation HIV/AIDS Initiative, AUD 2.8 million, 2006-2009;
Asia Regional HIV/AIDS Project, (AUD 5 million for China);
China HIV/AIDS Roadmap Tactical Support Project, AUD 3.9 million;
China/Australia Health and HIV/AIDS Project, totally AUD 25 million. (The budget for HIV/AIDS component is not determined yet.)

China-Australia HIV/AIDS Partnership has a total budget of AUD 62.7 million from January 1, 2002 to December 31, 2012. Program areas include Beijing, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet and Xinjiang. Program components include public awareness raising, outreach services, peer education, condom promotion and use, anti-discrimination, needle exchange, HIV/AIDS care and support, participation of PLWHA, leadership development and multi-sectoral cooperation. Target populations include the general public, leaders, medical staff, government officials, CSWs, IDUs, AIDS patients and others.